Thursday, August 28, 2008

INA reaches out to the victims of the ill-fated Princess of the Stars

When the shipping vessel, Princess of the Stars sank at sea, claiming hundreds of lives, the members of INA (Inang Naulila sa Anak Foundation) led by Manay Gina, were among the firsts who offered moral support to the bereaved family members of the victims.

"Since I lost my dearest daughter KC in a fire, it has become my personal mission to offer solace to the other mothers whose loved ones also perished in a tragedy, for in giving comfort, I am also fortified in return," she said.

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meggi said...

Dear Manay Gina,


I am writing to you to ask for some financial assistance. I know that it may seem quite odd that I write to you in such direct manner, however, I really do not know what better way to approach you Mam. Please do not think of me as an
opportunist but rather as someone who badly needs and seeks your help.

I am a housewife with financial difficulties, problems which my husband have no knowledge about. Please do not think that I am a bad woman as I am not, I just am a victim of circumstances that were quite difficult to avoid that given time. I had a small business which went bad. I therefore have put myself in a situation that I am having a difficult time to get out of, I am heavy with debt. A debt which started small but grew to big proportions due to very big interests. One which led me to borrow again and again to cover for big interests I cannot anymore pay. That as a housewife with no papers nor documents, I was not qualified to get loans from banks and therefore opted to get loans from personal money-lenders who charged very high,5/6. And since my need at that time was also much, I really was left with no choice but to borrow from them. An act which led me to a never-ending cycle of borrowing I cannot anymore stop.

At this point in my life, I really feel very hopeless as to how I could settle all my dues. I really cannot afford to let my husband know as he already shoulders so much, if not all of our expenses in the family. I am also sure that this would be the cause of great arguments and fights once I let him know as it would be an added pressure on him. Mam, I really want to stop my chain of borrowing as I feel that I am already at the bottom pit. I also feel the stress of all these taking its toll on my health as begin to get anxiety attacks and experience sleepless nights.

I am pleading for your assistance to help me start anew. I have likewise been trying to look for employment however, my age, 35, and my lack of working experience always gets in the way. I was not able to work continuously these past several years due to a problem with one of my children. Reason why I also went into business, to have some small income of my own and to be of help to my husband. But unfortunately, things did not work in my favor.

I would like to appeal to your generosity for some financial help, a loan which I hope could help me start to settle my debts. One not as high in interests than those I already have. One upon which I could be qualified and trusted to be given on merits of good faith alone. One I likewise promise to pay by the terms you set. One which could also help me start a livelihood which I vow to handle much better.

I appeal to you as a woman with probably the same concerns and limitations. I come to you as a housewife and mother who cannot qualify for employment or to be awarded loans from institutions who do not just rely on mere trust alone, as I am without documents. I have long followed your husband's and your own career as a true advocate of women, especially of mother's in need, reason why I took courage to write you. And though my case or problem may seem different and may not be as bad as the other women you help out, that even if my appeal may sound outrageous and impossible, I am still praying and hoping that it would merit even just a little of your trust and support.

Mam I really hope you would give some consideration to my appeal as I have no one to ask for help at this time. I am really so helpless yet the thought that you might be able to extend me some help, in whatever form it would be, gives me some hope. And as you are God's angel to many women, I do strongly believe that you could likewise be mine.

Mam, I would really appreciate with all my heart even just a response from you, even if it might be the only one I get. I would at least know that I have reached you.

Thank you very much Mam and may God continue to bless you, the Speaker, your whole family and all your worthy endeavors.

P.M. Enriquez

note:This letter was sent through email.