Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Haven for Women

Manay Gina became the President and Chairperson of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) in 1992. Since ninety percent of the CSFI members are women, it was decided that her first project would be about fellow women, specifically the most marginalized---the women in crisis.

Thus, her first two terms as CSFI president is defined by her landmark achievement in championing the cause of abused women with the establishment of the nine-building The Haven for Women in Alabang. It was inaugurated in September 30, 1995.

Its main goal is to rehabilitate the abused women and help them to reclaim their God-given right to live with dignity.

The rest of her term as CSFI president was spent in the construction of the 15 Regional Centers for Women, nationwide, to serve the victims of abused in the provinces.

In 2001, Mrs. de Venecia returned as President and Chairperson of CSFI. This time, she rallied the congressional spouses to develop the Phase 2 of The Haven for Women.

In 2007, The Haven for Women reached its completion with the addition of the KC de Venecia Recreational Center in memory of her lively daughter, KC.

From its original nine buildings, The Haven for Women, through the years is transformed into a 16-building complex with state-of-the-art facilities making it as the most complete rehabilitation facility in the country.

It has eight cottages, a transition cottage, an air-conditioned nursery, a multi-purpose center, a mini-hospital, an activity center, an administration office, a library, a livelihood center and a multi-purpose gym.

From the time it was opened in 1995, The Haven for Women has successfully rehabilitated more than 17, 000 abused women. Many of them are victims of rape, incest, forced prostitution, physical and emotional abuse, abandonment and rejection.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed wonderful to have a site where one can access to be able to recommend someone who needs help. A website that cares. I heard about this foundation when Manay Gina was interviewed by Tinx2 Bersola-Babao & husband Julius last Mother's Day over the morning show at DZMM. I didnt expect i would need to search for this site to help a woman. Please how can you be of help to this woman in Pasig City who was repeatedly abused. She later cling to the abusive man as she has no one to feed her and have no roof over her head. For further imbestigation pls call marlita samante at this office number 439-36-94 or her cp 09104359897 or her globe cp 09162978661. Please help.

Marlita said...

I want to refer someone who has and is still being abused by her live-in partner. I pity her so much.


jeterda b. junio said...

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