Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A miracle in Naples

On April 2, 2005, when Pope John Paul II died, Mrs de Venecia asked the President if she could join the official party to attend his funeral. “I felt I have to go on a pilgrimage. I have to renew my faith”, she admits.

While in Rome, Ambassador Philippe Lhuillier told her of the miraculous St. Patricia whose relic of dried blood allegedly liquefies when visited by pious pilgrims.

Together with Ambassador Lhuiller, and DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman, Mrs. Marot Moreno, Mrs. de Venecia visited the quaint St. Patricia Church in Naples.

“When we reached the place where the relics were kept, the nuns asked us to make our petitions, and pray a Glory Be to the Father. I specifically asked :”If KC is okay wherever she is, can you please show me by liquefying your blood?

“So we started praying. And on the third ‘Glory Be’, I saw the black blood slowly liquefied, and when we were reciting the fourth ‘Glory Be’, I saw the dried blood turned completely into its liquid state. I felt so humbled. God heard me.

“And then, when I was going out of the Church, I smelled smoke. Then I knew, KC was beside me. …and there’s life after death. After that personal miracle, I started moving on. I know that my life has a purpose, and I know that God gave me KC as my inspiration in finishing my mission in life.”

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