Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ina Foundation Inc.

The INA Foundation does not have an easy beginning. However, its gift of optimism to grieving mothers is consolation enough for Mrs. Gina de Venecia, who has learned that even the deepest grief can be transformed into miracles of hope.

In March 15, two months after KC de Venecia’s demise, her mom Gina met with mothers like her who also lost a child in a tragedy, led by radio-TV personality Ali Sotto whose son Miko died in an accidental fall from his condo unit.

“Ali and I felt the need to unite with other mothers who have been deeply wounded by the untimely death of their children,” Gina says. “We find solace in knowing that the other really knows our pain. We want to counsel and be counseled because in this symbiotic relationship, the providers of hope are strengthened in return. “

The first gathering of bereaved mothers enthused the members to share their life testimonies, narrating their challenges and struggles through the difficult period of their mourning. Learning from their brave testimonials, they were encouraged to form a foundation that could serve as a vehicle to help other mothers who are hopeful to rebuild their lives.

Channeling their experiences to create a humanitarian synergy, they were motivated to answer the fervent calling of providing a venue towards the emotional healing of mothers, who have been deeply wounded by the untimely death of their children.

Through the INA Foundation, ‘orphaned’ mothers can transform their traumatic experiences into something affirmative, and in the process, help the other bereaved mothers move on, from a place of grief to a place of hope.

Mrs. de Venecia said that losing a child is the most numbing grief that could happen to any mother. “We have to face the fact that this could happen to anyone because our country is prone to calamity and natural tragedy”.

“In the country’s matriarchal society, the mother is the center of the family. A mother’s morale cannot be disrupted by the devastating loss of a loved one. That’s why it’s important to have a support group for mothers. At present, there is no organization that supports mothers when they lose a child. INA Foundation will answer that need,” explains Gina.

The Foundation will assist the DSWD and local government units to train the barangay health workers to serve as grief counselors in times of disaster. The foundation is also putting up satellite centers in other areas to help the grieving mothers in the provinces.

The INA Foundation’s incorporators are: Gina de Venecia, President and Chairperson; Aloha Sotto, Vice President; Catherine Guballa, Secretary; Roselia Lagdameo, Treasurer; and Lorna Kapunan, Dolores Liwanag, Precy Meneses, Ting Manalac, Irma Santiago, Asuncion Yu, Baby Tiaoqui and Menchie Abalos as Trustees.

The foundation can be reached either by phone (951-7102 or 951- 5288) or e-mail ( Its address is INA Healing Center, DSWD Compound, Batasan Hills, Quezon City


Maria Isabelle said...

Losing a child is undoubtedly the most painful thing that could happen to any mother. It could happen to any woman. Death does not choose the victims.
It’s inevitable. And when this happens, mothers need support and guidance. Who could understand this better if not another mother in grief? Mothers have to stick together. They have to help each other get through their grief.
Ina Foundation is the best possible way to reach out to mothers in pain. The name itself, “Ina”, speaks volumes of the aim of the foundation.
Manay Gina, you are brilliant. I’m sure that you have saved a lot of mothers lives.

Louie Miguel said...

This cause she is advocating for is no doubted genuine.

There are lots of negative news surrounding the country today and I think there are only a handful of people who are really concerned with the welfare of the Filipino society, and just a few political figures. I just hope that everything goes well with this cause wherein people, especially mothers would benefit a lot considering every single issue that were news in the past few weeks is really a blow to the entire nation.

Manay Gina, through her simple ways, find how to, at least, ease the sufferings of mothers. The way she comforts through this is like solace coming from God.

meggi said...

this is a very useful foundation to all the women who have suffered much in losing a child. i remember my lolo told me that the most painful thing that could ever happen to parents is losing their child. the normal scenario would be a child mourning for her parents death not vice versa... i really appreciate manay gina's effort on this foundation. i know it would ease the pain to a lot of women...Long live Manay Gina!ÜÜÜ

angel said...

I lost my dear daughter Titay,13 yrs old last Dec. 17. After battling seizure disorder she developed after she had viral encephalitis 8 years ago. The pain is unbearable. The pain, the guilt of thinking, could I have done something more to save her, the emptiness. Looking at her toys, her clothes..How do I start living again?

dina said...

I lost my only son, the yougest of my three children, to suicide last June 26, 2008.He would be 25 years old this March. It was so devastating and excruciatingly painful for me. Up to this moment, I haven't recovered yet.There are stll fits of anger and moments of depression..My coping mechanisms aren't functioning well. Help!

maribel said...

ms gina
thank god at nabasa ko ang kwento ninyo ni ali.nawala din ang anak 1 year ago april 17 up to now hindi pa nagsink in sa isip ko na wala na talaga ang nikki gail ko it was very devastating to our life nong mwala ang pangalawa kong anak 13 years old siya sana mabasa nyo ang sulat ko more power and godbless

maribel said...

hi ms. gina,
im maribel concepcion i loss my daughter nikki last year april 17 and thanks god nabsa ko ang story nyo ni ms.ali up to now hindi pa nagsink in sa isip ko na wala talaga ang anak ko si nikki dahil sa panginoon kaya ako malakas i hope na matulungan ninyo ako.more power god bless
maribel concepcion

Anonymous said...

i am 24 years old...and i lost my 3 angels...2 miscarriages and 1 pre term body is weak to handle the difficulties of pregnancy...i suffered a great deal of sorrow, pain and depression...and it happened not just once but felt like i repeatedly died...but i never stop hoping that god will bless me with a child...eventhough my angels are all in heaven deep in my heart I AM ALREADY AND ALWAYS A MOTHER...

Carla Orendain Escobar said...

Hello. I was just wondering, because I watched the father of the actor AJ Perez, who died in an accident just the other day,in an interview done by Korina Sanchez for TV Patrol, is there a foundation or an organization that could also help the grieving father? I felt very sorry for him when I saw him on TV. He was with his son when his son died. I think the fathers should also have the same group of people to help them go through the loss.

Thank you for being a kind soul.

I wish you well.

Carla Orendain Escobar

Noemi Lea Campano said...

i am a mother who is also travelling thru grief. it's been 1041 days since we lost our 22-yr old son.
car accident.. he was dead on arrival to the hospital! shock! numbness! immense sadness, sorrow! how else can we describe this?!
there are times when i thought i couldnt go on anymore.. but God has been giving me the strength...
i know that God can't erase the pain, but He gives us the grace to endure it..
i miss my JIRO so much!!
Noemi Lea Campano
Tanza Cavite

sylvia may solon said...

hello mam gina,
i'm sylvia 33 yrs old. from cebu city. i lost my baby boy (8 mos. old) Jan. 8 last year due to severe dehydration, until now i always think of him, everytime i saw his pictures i cried. When i lost him i question the Lord why he did saved my baby.hope you can help me... God bless po mam gina sa inyong foundation.