Monday, June 30, 2008

Mother's quote2

Charlotte Perkins Gilman:

So when the great word "Mother!" rang once more,
I saw at last its meaning and its place;
Not the blind passion of the brooding past,
But Mother -- the World's Mother -- come at last,
To love as she had never loved before --
To feed and guard and teach the human race.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mother's quote1

Womanliness means only motherhood;
All love begins and ends there.

- Robert Browning

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mother & Child 1965 - Stephen (2001) by Stephen B Whatley

# 4 in a series of 4 tributes in oils to the life of the artist's late mother, entitled 'My Mother- Marjorie J Whatley (1943-1981)- 20th Anniversary Series'
Oil on canvas, 20 x 16in.
Collection of the artist.
The painting was inspired by a tender photograph of mother & child leaving hospital soon after birth.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How Much Is Your Mother Worth?

by Kelly on May 10th, 2008

I saw on CNN today that had released its most recent numbers valuing the unpaid services of being a mother. This whole line of thought interests me a lot from a financial and tax policy perspective. I tried a few times to draft a post about this subject but kept coming back to the post that I wrote last year. So here it is, in its entirety (note that the numbers in the post are from 2007):


Monday, June 16, 2008

A Husband...

A husband should be
Loyal and honest

A husband should be
Strong and protective

A husband should be
Loving and romantic

A husband should be
Patient and understanding

A husband should know
When enough is enough

A husband should know
When to fight and when to cry

A husband should know
all your goals and dreams

A husband should know
your strengths and well as your weaknesses

A husband needs to be a true man
A husband needs to love you unconditionally
A husband needs to know your heart is forever his

by:sarah holmes

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Said A Mother's Prayer For You

I said a Mother's Day prayer for you
to thank the Lord above
for blessing me with a lifetime
of your tenderhearted love.
I thanked God for the caring
you've shown me through the years,
for the closeness we've enjoyed
in time of laughter and of tears.
And so, I thank you from the heart
for all you've done for me
and I bless the Lord for giving me
the best mother there could be!
Author Unknown

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gina de V: JdV will testify on all GMA corrupt deals

From The Daily Tribune online-06/10/2008

He will definitely spill the whole beans, and not just focus on the ZTE-NBN kickbacks.

Even as he is undergoing a full medical check-up in a Singapore hospital, ousted Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. won’t back off from testifying before the Senate to tell all he knows about the corruption-ridden deals allegedly entered into by the presidential spouses, Gloria Arroyo and her husband, Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo.

This was relayed to the Tribune yesterday, through a brief telephone interview with Gina de Venecia, wife of the former Speaker, who said her husband wanted to be sure that he is in the best of health before he testifies because “it is definitely going to be a long-drawn war with the Arroyos once he starts testifying to all he knows.”

The couple appeared to have particularly been ticked off by the advertisement that appeared in a major newspaper that pointed to the De Venecias allegedly in secret meetings with nuns and leftist organizations.

The ad was reportedly paid for by a group known as Babae Ka, a party-list contender which was identified in 2007 as an Arroyo administration ally.

Reached by phone, Gina de Venecia said of the smear campaign against her husband, particularly the paid ad by Babae Ka: “I dismiss it as rubbish. I don’t even want to dignify it. We have no enemies, only Gloria Arroyo and the First Gentleman, which is why I am very sure that behind the smear campaign are the presidential couple.

“The truth is, GMA is very very scared over what my husband, JdV, will say because we all know that no one can be more credible than an insider like JdV.

“My husband will speak out in the proper forum and at the right time. And unlike other witnesses who are focused only on the ZTE, JdV will reveal all the misdeeds of this administration, which is to blame for the almost beggar status of the Filipinos today.

Babae Ka!, Ang Kasangga and Akbay Pinoy, media reported during the 2007 election campaign period were set up directly by the Office of External Affairs under the Office of the President.

This was exposed by then Party-List Akbayan Rep. Etta Rosales.

It was a time when the leftist party list groups were reportedly being eased out of their representations in Congress to give way to the MalacaƱang party-listers who would serve the political needs of President Arroyo, to ensure that her group of allies would drown out an impeachment complaint then reportedly being readied against her.

The same office of external affairs was reported then to have undertaken the controversial People’s Initiative, a signature campaign meant to extend the term of Mrs. Arroyo.

Denials from the individuals mentioned in the advertisements as having met with Gina de Venecia, who was tagged as the leader of the group, such as Sr. Mary John Mananzan and former Arroyo social welfare chief Dinky Soliman who has turned Arroyo critic, prompted a press statement from the same group, but without giving its name, daring De Venecia, Mananzan and other leftst and activist groups to prove their allegations wrong.

The statement purportedly comes from the Arroyo-allied group, Babae Ka.

The statement challenged the former Speaker, Sr. Mary John Mananzan and leftist organizations “to prove that our information is incorrect.”

The group insisted that it remains remain firm on its accusations.

“We also challenge the former speaker and the activist nun to categorically deny that they are allied with each other.

“We declare that their actions in the days, weeks and months to come would definitely prove us correct. We stand by our information that they have formed an unholy tactical alliance against President Arroyo,” the statement read.

The group added: “What we published is not a smear campaign against De Venecia or anybody. It is an open letter seeking the truth. And it is our patriotic duty to this country and our countrymen to reveal what we know.

“From where we stand, we could easily conclude that there is no need to stage a smear campaign against De Venecia. His record as filthiest trapo of all trapos (traditional politicians) in this country could speak for itself.

“Sister Mary John Mananzan, may we ask the following: Was she present during a meeting held at Sta. Quiteria in Caloocan City just a week or two ago? Did she announce there that they have collected Two Million Pesos for Lozada? What was that meeting all about? Tell us, Sister Mary John.

“The burden of proof is not on us. We published an open letter through a paid advertisement and they called it a “smear campaign.” But they never denied that there is indeed such a plan to destabilize the Arroyo administration. It is they that must explain to the people and the authorities their roles in this dastardly and criminal plot.

“We also challenge them to surface this so-called “Alex.”’ But we are very sure that they could never do that. That “Alex” is fictitious. Based on our informants, the photos came from Gina De Venecia. In a manner of speaking, kinuryente nila ang media (media were given a bum steer). This is another grand deception against the Filipino people.

“Just like the media, we could not reveal the identities of our sources. Most of them are from the opposition. They could no longer take what is being hatched. They are genuine leaders who deserve to be protected.”

It is however doubted that Babae Ka obtained the alleged information from the opposition.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

You Want to Be a Wife, Mother, and a Full-Time Entrepreneur?

Take action now to prevent the crisis that's sure to come otherwise

This week's letter comes from an entrepreneur who's in business with her husband and finds that the workload is crushing her. She's desperate for time to enjoy life and her family. It's a problem many of you have written about and one I'll explore further in the coming months.

Our dot-com business is right on the edge of exploding. It has consumed our family. The company uses some freelancers, but it's hard to say when we might be able to afford additional help. I start work at 4 a.m., and my husband does baby care all morning. Then I take over from him and go to bed by 9 p.m., which doesn't leave us much time to be together. There are no weekends when you're an entrepreneur. A college student watches our 16-month old a couple of days a week, but I wouldn't feel comfortable using more child care. How can I get enough work done, take care of my child, and have time for my husband?

-- S.E., Lambertsville, Penn.

This is a picture of a life out of control -- a whirlpool of duties draining your spirit. The danger, caution the several experts whom I consulted, is that a major crisis (a heart attack, infidelity, a suffering child) could be brewing, which no one has the perspective to see coming or the strength to stop. Many people wait to examine and repair their lives until the crisis hits. You're wise to take action before such a catalyst forces you to.

TOUGH ON WOMEN. It's extremely difficult to raise young children and start a company at the same time. Both make such huge demands on your time and psyche. Without good, full-time child care, the two are almost irreconcilable. The combination is especially tough on women. Research shows that women entrepreneurs invest far more time in child care and domestic life than male entrepreneurs with similar responsibilities.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mother Teresa Biography

Born: August 27, 1910
Died: September 5, 1997
Achievements: Started Missionaries of Charity in 1950; received Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979; received Bharat Ratna in 1980.

Mother Teresa was one of the great servants of humanity. She was an Albanian Catholic nun who came to India and founded the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata. Her selfless work among the poverty-stricken people of Kolkata (Calcutta) is an inspiration for people all over the world and she was honored with Nobel Prize for her work.